Case Results

  • Medicaid denial due to question of property ownership

    We were able to determine ownership and availability and negotiate with Medicaid attorney so that our client received Medicaid back to the original date of application.

  • Medicaid approval with many different IRA accounts

    A difficult application because of multiple small IRA accounts helped by under 70 ½ spouse. We were able to properly arrange, classify and explain status and after two prior separate denials settled just prior to appeal hearing. Outcome was full approval of benefits back to original date of application.

  • Out of State Ancillary Probate resolved

    We serve as personal representative for an out of state estate with Florida complicated commercial property. We participated in mediations on behalf of the estate and were able to capture estate’s interest and make full distribution to the home state personal representative.

  • Florida Probate with international beneficiaries

    We represented the personal representative guiding them through formal probate with multiple beneficiaries including international beneficiaries. Successfully oversaw administration and distribution of the estate within court time limits.

  • Difficult intestate estate (no will) estate

    Served on estate where we were required to search out unknown beneficiaries. Found and made contact with all beneficiaries, were able to Marshall assets, administer estate and make full distribution within court required time limits.

  • Complicated Estate.
    Helped an individual with multiple issues (including international beneficiaries, disabled beneficiaries and beneficiaries anticipated to challenge estate) to develop an estate that could realistically avoid negative outcomes. Estate involved more than one trust and was eventually administered peacefully, according to plan, without the need for court involvement.
  • Difficult Beneficiaries

    Planned with elderly person who anticipated difficult beneficiaries to reduce likelihood of estate contest. Was able to put appropriate people in charge and reduce fear and distrust enough to settle estate peacefully.