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Establishing Elderly Conservatorship

There may come a time where your elderly loved one can no long take care of his or herself. When that happens, a guardian must be appointed by the court. Guardians are responsible for making sure their ward is taken care of.

Guardianship responsibilities may include:

  • Picking up groceries
  • Making sure they eat
  • Making sure they take necessary medications
  • Managing their finances
  • Arranging their living situation
  • Arranging transport to and from appointments
  • Making sure they remain in good health

Florida Guardians do not necessarily do all of these tasks themselves – many people hire a caretaker or find a nursing facility to help them with the workload.

Courts take guardianship appointment very seriously. It is critical that the person given this power can be trusted to act with integrity and the highest ethical standards. This is why family members of the elderly often petition for guardianship themselves.

If you are seeking guardianship of a loved one, contact the elder law attorneys of HKH Elder Law in St. Petersburg today. We can help you navigate Florida guardianship laws.

How to File for Guardianship in Florida

Establishing guardianship is a complex process. This is to protect the elderly person, who will lose some of their rights when guardianship is established. Filing for guardianship can be both expensive and time consuming, so as to discourage people who might not have the ward’s best interests at heart from applying.

In Florida, you must meet the following qualifications to be named a guardian:

  • Over 18 years old
  • A resident of Florida (you do not have to be a resident if you are directly related to the ward and have not been convicted of a felony)
  • You have a familial or friendly relationship with the ward

If you are an eligible guardian, you will then have to file a petition the court to determine the ward’s incapacity, another one to request an appointment of a guardian, and a final one to have yourself appointed as guardian. The court will appoint an attorney to represent the allegedly incapacitated person. Limiting someone’s rights is no small task, and the courts do everything in their power to make sure that this is the best decision for all parties involved.

How Long Does It Take To Become a Guardian?

Establishing guardianship of an elderly person in Florida can take many months depending on the circumstances surrounding the individual. This process is intended to be pretty difficult to ensure that the appointed guardian has the elderly family member or friend's best interest at heart.

Do You Have to Be a Family Member to Be a Guardian?

No, you do not have to be a family member to be a guardian in Florida. Although, many guardians do end up being family members.

Contact Experienced Guardianship Attorneys in St. Petersburg Today

At HKH Elder Law, we have helped numerous people establish guardianships in the state of Florida. We are thoroughly familiar with the guardianship process, and can walk you through it step by step. When filing for guardianship, it is important that all of your information is accurately represented. We can assist you with the filling process and make sure that everything is in order. Contact us for a legal guardianship attorney in the St. Petersburg area.

Call (727) 240-2350 to schedule a consultation at HKH Elder Law today. Our guardianship attorneys in St. Petersburg are prepared to help you take care of your loved ones, so give us a call today.

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